Monthly Packages

Freelancer Freedom

Freelance service providers have a lot to keep track of: expenses, income, mileage, self employment taxes... The Freelancer Freedom monthly package offers bookkeeping assistance to sole proprietors and independent contractors for an affordable monthly rate. Zephyr Bookkeeping will record all your deductible expenses, reconcile your bank accounts (up to two) and prepare monthly Profit & Loss reports.

Freelancer packages start at $150 per month. This includes reconciliation and bank feed management for a checking and a savings account, assisting with your revenue workflow, keeping track of business vs. personal expenses, and providing monthly financial statements. Additional bank and credit card accounts are $50 per month.

Online Retailer

Have trouble reconciling your PayPal account or Amazon Settlements every month? The Online Retailer monthly package will offer clients peace of mind by making order out of e-commerce chaos. Zephyr Bookkeeping will reconcile income transactions and expenses against bank accounts and help you track your cost of goods sold. This monthly package has several add-on options and always includes preparation of financial reports so you can see exactly how your business is doing.

Online retailer monthly packages start at $350 per month and include three accounts for bank feed management and reconciliation. Additional accounts are $50 per month. This package also includes tracking merchant processor or online commission fees and entering sales receipts for online sales.


The following additional services can be added into any basic monthly package:
  • Additional bank accounts
  • Managing bank feeds
  • Applying payments to customer profiles
  • Entering bill payments and managing vendor profiles
  • Managing general ledgers and charts of accounts
  • Inventory management
  • Third Party Payroll Services
  • Accounts Payable Processing with
  • Cloud document storage and sorting for receipts and statements with Hubdoc

Full Service Online Bookkeeping

Want us to do it all? No problem! We can: Zephyr Bookkeeping does not provide direct payroll services, tax preparation or tax filing. We can review online solutions available and make recommendations for providers of these services, as well as assist in the set-up process. Zephyr can incorporate third party online payroll processing into a monthly full service bookkeeping service if requested.

One-time Services

Software Selection and Setup

There are so many options for online accounting software, e-commerce providers and mobile application integration. We can discuss your business, the industry standards, and decide what options are best for you. Zephyr Bookkeeping can assist with the installation and set-up processes to get your company started.

The price for software setup services is a flat rate that depends on how big your company is and how far back the data being entered goes. Freelance companies start at $150 for setup services. Larger companies with several accounts start at $350. There is a $100 fee to convert to a new software system from a desktop or other software. Additional options for setup include: adding in accounts receivable or accounts payable, uploading additional customer or vendor profiles, additional bank accounts requiring reconciliation, setting up integrated applications.

Clean Up Services

Are your books a mess? Have they been that way for years? Zephyr Bookkeeping will clean up your bank feed, account reconciliations, e-commerce deposits, or general ledger transactions. This one-time service is priced on what and how many accounts you request work on.

Clean up services are billed hourly at a rate of $75 per hour when performed remotely. Onsite clean up services are billed at an hourly rate if $100 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum.


Looking for someone to double check the data entry for your business? Zephyr Bookkeeping can review your books and find the small mistakes that add up to big problems down the road. Quarterly or yearly checkups include cleaning up undeposited funds accounts, general ledgers, and forced reconciliations.

Checkup prices depend on the type and size of your business. Freelancer check ups start at $300 for quarterly and $500 annually. Additional fees may be required for extra accounts or sales reconciliation. Larger companies can expect fees ranging from $500-700 for quarterly check ups and $1000-$1200 for yearly check ups.

Time to Train

Want to do it yourself or train your staff? Zephyr can host live webinar trainings featuring how to create estimates/invoices, apply payments to customers, categorize expenses and track inventory. Attendees can join on their own computers from anywhere and follow along to learn hands on how to use the software they have chosen.

Training is always recommended when switching to a new software. Zephyr Bookkeeping provides customized training materials. Training for one person is billed at a rate of $100 per hour, with a two hour minimum.


Pricing is available in both hourly rates and monthly retainer packages. An estimate will be provided after discussing your needs and the scope of service. Estimates are good for 30 days. Prices can be negotiated and Zephyr Bookkeeping can work within your budget. Payment plans can be made available when discussed in advance.