Bank Account Privacy

Clients do not need to provide bank account or credit card numbers to Zephyr Bookkeeping if they would prefer to keep them private. Bank accounts can be synced with accounting software by the client and account numbers will not be displayed to Zephyr Bookkeeping when working with the client's account. Clients can black out account numbers on statements before scanning and sending to Zephyr Bookkeeping for reconciliation. Zephyr Bookkeeping will never request signature authority on a client's accounts.

Logins and Passwords

In the accounting software, all users have unique logins and passwords. Passwords are not displayed inside the system. Accountant users are invited in by the client and clients can terminate their accountant's access at any time. Responsibilities can be delegated and access limited. Passwords should be unique, complex and never be shared with others.

The Audit Log

Most online platforms provide a detailed audit log of every transaction and change made to your books, who made it, and when. This provides a trail that you can check to make sure that no suspicious or erroneous activity has occurred and the log can be viewed by you at anytime.

Cloud Security and Back-Ups

Whichever software we are working with, they host all the data for your company's accounting records and attachments. Cloud services are responsible for the security of their systems and provide a file back-up. However, it is highly recommended that clients keep electronic files themselves on their computer and an external hard drive. Zephyr Bookkeeping does not store client documents electronically after they have been uploaded to the cloud. Cloud platforms have teams of experts working on their cyber security and it is often more secure than home networks.

You're the Decision Maker

With us, you are in control. Some online bookkeeping companies will only work with their proprietary software that you have to buy in a service bundle. Some companies require that you keep the QuickBooks file they work with and the one you use every day to do business separate. Not with us! Zephyr Bookkeeping will provide the level of accounting services requested by the client and on the software platform that they prefer.

Zephyr Bookkeeping is fully insured for cyber security liability.